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From the very early planning stages, we thought offering coffee would be a great idea.

Garden centres and coffee just go hand in hand.

Chad had the idea to convert an old obsolete container into a coffee outlet… like everything it has been a work in progress behind the scenes. But we can finally & officially say we have made it happen! Coffee is now available 9 – 12 Tuesday to Saturday or by prior arrangement.

Over time and with your support, the hours will extend… but at the moment we are easing it into our current work load.

We have also created a large patio area for you to sit, relax and enjoy your drink.

And there is still more to come, we are working on quite a few finishing touches here and there.

So, would you like to know more about the coffee? 

We serve a medium blend, which is produced from high quality green beans sourced from a range of origins around the world. From Papua New Guinea to Mexico, India to Peru.

It is roasted with the world-class Sivetz Fluidized Bed Air Roaster. The Sivetz system levitates the beans on a fludized bed of hot air to create a cleaner, more consistent, more aromatic roast.

The coffee is served in cups that are commercially compostable, and we are more than happy and encourage you to use your reusable cup.

We have cold drinks too! Mainly Phoenix Organic juices and sodas.

Grab a friend and come visit us, browse our plants, chill on the patio, order and go, whichever is your preference, we look forward to seeing you!


P.S. a shout out to these business that have had a part in all of this!

Rob at Compass Electrical, Rob at Goodhand Building, Megan at Coffee Group Ltd, Hardstaff Glass & Renewable Resources


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