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Avocado ‘Cleopatra’

Avocado ‘Cleopatra’


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Cleopatraâ„¢ is a relatively new variety (and the best on the market). Its more compact growth habit makes it more versatile for the home garden. It can easily be trimmed to contain the size of the plant further. Described as a beautiful bushy, compact evergreen tree with a thick canopy with large dark green leathery leaves.

Avocados flower heavily, and the fruit is medium-sized pear-shaped black fruit with a shiny skin. The fruit is larger than the traditional Hass variety. The creamy yellow flesh has a nutty, creamy, rich flavour. The flowers are light yellow/green appearing in abundance in spring. Harvest is from July to December.

Avocados prefer a warm sheltered sunny position with good drainage. Add blood and bone and plenty of organic matter when planting, and apply mulch after planting (and annually) to support a healthy root system.

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