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EmGuard Biodegradable Plant Guard

EmGuard Biodegradable Plant Guard


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Protect your plantings with plant guards, EmGuard’s have been shown to greatly improve the chances of survival and promote growth in plants.
They assist in reducing on-going maintenance time and costs, protect plants from predators like hares and pukekos, help in identifying where plants are in a planted area, reduce water loss and provide a micro-climate favourable to growth.

They are particularly valuable in the first year of establishment especially where root trainer or small grade plants are used.

Made in NZ using a majority of recycled pulp. They are specifically designed to cope with tough conditions. Coated with a food safe and FDA compliant moisture barrier, has a high bursting strength, a PH of 7.00-8.00 and is fully recyclable. Trials have shown that the EmGuard ™ will withstand some inundation over a period of time and will last for up to one year in the field in normal riparian conditions.

Does not need to be removed once plant establishment has occurred as it will naturally break down.

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