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Burnets Organic Hormone Dip


Burnets Organic Hormone Dip


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This truly organic solution provides a safe alternative for the propagation of cuttings.DIP INGREDIENTS:

Organic Hormone Dip’s unique ingredients have auxin-like activities known to stimulate callus formation and rooting on soft to hard wood cuttings. It contains Humic Acid derived from Leonardite, Kelp extract and proprietary plant extract, all of which promote rooting. Side by side trials with IBA have proven that our dip produces faster rooting and greater root mass than IBA.


A rich organic and natural solution containing dormant spores of a very specific strain of soil microbe, Bacillus subtilis GB03. Effective against a wide range of diseases including Fusarium, Pythium, Phytophthora and Rhizoctonia. Plant diseases cannot develop resistance.


A naturally occurring, rod shaped bacteria found in soils around the world. Bacillus Subtilis feeds off the sugars released by the plant roots and carbon from dead root cells. It produces enzymes that help free up minor elements in the soil, making them available for plant uptake. It quickly forms colonies on the root hairs, protecting them from soil borne pathogens.


Organic Hormone Dip contains an amazing 21 L-Amino Acids which help plants combat stress, increase root mass, activate natural defences, and enhance photosynthesis. They also promote nutrient absorption and stimulate the essential metabolic activities in the plant that produce healthy plants.


It can be used on all types of plant material and at time of seeding, transplanting or sticking. Can be utilized as a dip, prior to planting or as a time saving drench.

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